Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Kill it with Kindness......

The feeling that even when the world is throwing its worst at you and you still find that chink of compassion in the situations surrounding you, makes you realise that maybe just maybe we all might have kindness in our hearts at the darkest of times and we should let it come forth and banish the negative darkness from our minds.....

Go forth and be kind to yourselves this day....

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Revealing the Beauty.............

“If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.” ~Daisaku Ikeda

I have always loved that scene in American Beauty when Ricky Fitts shows his video of a plastic bag blowing in the wind.

He’s the complete opposite of his neighbor Lester Burnham, who seems to have decided long ago to live life in a comatose state of submission, completely disconnected from authentic joy.

Ricky seems inspired by everything that most people simply overlook. He explains of his bag video:

“It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing and there’s this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For fifteen minutes.

“And that’s the day I knew there was this entire life behind things, and… this incredibly benevolent force, that wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever. Video’s a poor excuse, I know. But it helps me remember—and I need to remember. Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.”

Though it can look different for all of us, I suspect this is the feeling we all wait for in life: a sense that there’s boundless beauty out there, and that we all have the capacity to feel, channel, explore, and express it.

We all want to feel moved, and then to use those feelings to create love, joy, passion, and purpose.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Spiritual Growth.................

*wanders in and sits down... thinking*

Challenges and difficulties are a part of life and words of encouragement can often help you and others get out of life's ruts. It’s easy to tell someone to hang in there and to keep a positive outlook when they are going through tough times but when it happens to you, keeping your chin up isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Even so, it’s not impossible my friends.

There are a lot of things we all can do to help us stand back up and move forward. Whether you’ve been dealt with a setback while working towards your goal, lost a loved one, or just feel down, inspirational words of encouragement can help.

There are a couple of things that spring to mind when I face these moments :-

1) Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things. Perhaps then you’ll realize just how silly it would be to spend another minute worrying and stressing about things you won’t even care about or remember a year from now.

2) Life can be tough and even unfair at times. I don’t really have an answer as to why certain things happen but I do know that these are usually the moments in life where the potential for spiritual growth is at its greatest. Diamonds are created under intense pressure. Muscles are built by overcoming tremendous resistance. You could either let these moments in life break you or use them to become a mentally stronger person.

So there you have my thoughts on this amazing sunny and warm English morning my lovelies, remember you are all never alone, there is always someone, somewhere thinking and smiling just because you are a part of their world.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Listen to your Inner Voice........

Hello my loves, wanted to share my thoughts on why your inner voice is so important to listen to....

You know, I used to care so deeply about what other people thought of me, so much so that I'd try so hard to be there for everyone. I would want so badly to be in everyone's corner fighting their demons because then hopefully I'd be seen as a 'nice, good, kindly person'. 

But the one thing I have realised deeply, over time, is that whilst I was rushing around, trying to be a million different things for a million different people that all I was really doing was not loving myself enough to know that I didn't need to prove anything to anyone.

So I'll share what I found out when I started listening to that little soft voice way down deep inside of myself today...

Did you know I talk, (giggles) too many, many things worldly and otherworldly.. I do things that many people deem as weird or unusual. It's a given that some people aren't going to like me just because of that.

And you know what, my loves? I LOVE being ME so much now that I finally don't care if someone doesn't like what I do. Does it hurt if someone is mean or unkind? 

Sure, it can do, because I am only human, and I have feelings just like everyone else. But if someone wants to waste their precious energies on being mean it says far more about their own state of mind and character than anything else, doesn't it, my loves?

So on the flip side, even the people who DO support me are so very much appreciated and loved by me, but they are not the source of my self-worth.

It is great to be loved and accepted but if we rely on someone else's opinion to define ourselves then it's going to be pretty rough ride on the merry go round of life, isn't it?

The bottom line is I cannot do a single thing about what people think about me.

But I can do is take responsibility for my own choices and actions and how I want to be in this world. 

Then trust that by being authentically, lovingly and unapologetically me, other people who resonate with me with me will always be by my side. 

So... what would YOU do if you didn't care so much about what other people thought? 

How would you express your heart? What decisions would you make? 

So take some time out today or tomorrow and try and listen to your inner voice...

Peace Love and Light Always,


Monday, 27 June 2016

Train your Thoughts......

Did you know that you are the only one that can train your thoughts. 

You are the only one that gets caught in a thought, you are the only one that can change what you’re thinking.

Most people, most of the time float through life letting thoughts come to them, lazily letting negative thoughts rule their lives.

It’s not until we see that our thoughts truly create our realities, and that we have 100% control over what we think, that we can begin to take responsibility and see the incredible, blissful freedom of this Truth.

Peace, Love and Light Always,


Friday, 24 June 2016

Thyme for Changes...............

I have noticed a lot of posts here today stating, that they are uncertain and in a state of grieving along with many others in the U.K. 

People are still reeling from shock and surprise at the Referendums outcome….. I wasn’t I could feel the waves of energy that started way back, and I was never unsure that the people of this Great Country would turn out to vote.  72% in actual figures, that is the highest turnout I can recall in my merger few decades of knowledge.

Mmmmm, So that gave me food for thought…and as always I would like to share my non-judgemental and peaceful thoughts with you all.  

Many say people voted through fear and followed like sheep, ‘Better safe than sorry’; but really each and every voter out there voted for what THEY thought based on the information THEY were able to gather together to make the best informed decision for THEM.

So, as a democracy we should respect all the voters on both sides and start to work together with renewed interest towards all our futures.

We need to show more willingness to allow the existence of opinions that one may not necessarily agree with.  We must all show more interest, enthusiasm and concern for our government and their future plans.

As I say this is only my personal view, I think we all could do with stepping back today, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Let the dust settle in Westminster and watch the stormy clouds dissipate as we focus our energy of what’s to come.

Change has arrived but it is on a slow a steady steed, let’s see what the coming months hold and put your fears, for today at least to rest…….

Peace Love and Light Always,


Monday, 20 June 2016

Unbecoming Everything.......

Happy Solstice and Full Moon to you! 

Apparently the Solstice and the Full Moon so closely together for many years and won't again for a long time. 

I wish to share the following words and thoughts, that were shared with me on this first new morning of the summer Solstice. From a beautiful Angel on Earth.

I am not an astrologer so I'm going to pretend I know exactly what it all means but I do know this powerful point (the longest or shortest day depending on where you are in the world) very often shakes us up in a big way! 

The following quote made me stop and pause for quite a while, I even meditated on this..... And the following questions emerged from my sub conscious.

Who are you before someone told you who you were? 
What walls did you build to keep you safe that you are now ready to knock down? 
What are you protecting yourself from? 

Of course, there is no one answer to all of this. You like all of us, are forever evolving but don't ever be afraid to ask yourself questions now - to question what you want and who you are - and to peel the layers of 'stuff' that has suffocated you. 

It isn't comfortable but it is way more uncomfortable to stay stuck. 

And remember, it's not a case of whether you are amazing, powerful and deeply loveable. 

It's that you have simply forgotten that you are. 

Peace, light and love always,