Monday, 4 January 2016

Peace, Love and Gratitude.........

As I sit here, listening to the howling winds forcing their way up the Cornish Coastline, I find myself wondering what 2016 with 'Blow my Way'?

What will these stormy winds of the Atlantic bring to my door?

But before I delve into my thoughts and hopes for 2016, I find that at this time of year I also reflect upon what has past.  I find my mind flittering over the pages of 2015, like a butterfly landing on memories and thoughts I had simply forgotten as the pace of our lives speeds towards the end of the year.

365 days, it seems such a small amount in the grand scheme of things, but so much has filled each and every page of my book of life it's hard to choose just a moment to share with you all.  But, I'll try.

I find that on almost every page of my memories, I find a recurring word or feeling and that my loves is 'Gratitude'.  It is something I hold very dear in the Arc's heart and in the hearts of my husband and daughter.  We have so much in our lives to be thankful for, individually and as a family.  

I usually, take a moment out before New Years to sit with my family and ask them what they are thankful and grateful for in their lives, and how they can use the past to help them focus on what they wish the New Year to unfold.  This year, we were blessed to be sitting beside a roaring beach fire, wrapped in salty sea blankets and sipping hot chocolate, listening to the sounds of waves crashing and the voices of strangers around us laughing and talking of the Christmas they had all spent together.

So, as I sit here listening to the laughter of my family, the energy that surrounds me from all sides is so overpowering, I felt the sting of tears of gratitude fill my eyes, I blamed the smoke from the fire , of course, when asked why I was smiling but tears were streaking my face.  But I sat there soaking up the love, laughter, happiness and sheer joy of just being together.  I felt the true grace of gratitude and it filled me with inner peace.

I have so many blessings in my life, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the love, talents and passions that I have been graced with in the past. 

I know that whatever 2016 decides to bring my way, I will face it as I have always done, with a open heart,  with gratitude and most importantly with love.

I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Peace, Love and Light.....Always Arc.