Monday, 1 February 2016


*reaches for quil*

As I sit here today and listen to the wind rattling everything it touches, waiting for the lull in the storm so I can brave the outside for some provisions...

I got to pondering, what makes us Happy!

My little window of happiness today is my family and friends whom each in their own way make up the happiness in my soul, a hug from a friend at the school gate, a giggle with my daughter on the way to or from school, and seeing the energy and excitement in the children's eyes in the playground on a blustery Monday morning. That's what makes this Arc Happy....

But what about you guys?

We are all in a constant battle in our lives.

There is an emptiness, a vacuum created.

There is a constant search for happiness and contentment, a search for all those things that will make one happy.

We run collecting and buying everything that we associate with happiness, but what we all forget is that happiness isn't a destination that you can reach.

It is a state of mind that you can have all the time. Happiness isn't a place but it's what you experience.
So shed out all the past burdens and live for today.
So go out and find your Happiness my friends and if it's a struggle well seek me out here or in person and I will gladly share my happiness with you all....

Peace, Love and Light always..... Arc