Thursday, 16 June 2016

Looking for Changes.......

*looks to the skies and feels the warmth of the sun dissipating the final few clouds blurring my view*

Hello my lovelies.... How are you all doing this day?

Well my thoughts on this day have been a pondering; We all have people in our lives who are really hard to be around. They challenge us, rub us the wrong way, put us on the defensive and can if you let them make you feel downright crappy.

But you know what my loves, this old Arc does not like feeling crappy. I don't like thinking negative thoughts about anyone or thing in my life(especially when it's against my will.. like I just can't help it). I detest feeling annoyed or frustrated, so I always look for the lesson to be learned and finding a reason for it to change.

In other words my friends, I DO look for how I can change and where I can grow from it. Even if it's excruciating for my inner Arc.
We all have people in our lives who, if we let them, just make our flesh itch. They make us want to scream with annoyance at their actions and words, sometimes.

BUT.... They were put in my path to help me refine that part of me, to help my spirit grow and see where I am listening to my ego rather than listening to my spirit....

What I choose to do is see that person as this separate entity, who doesn’t like me, who makes a point to tell me with words, glances and insinuations each time we’re around each other- that’s ego. I’m seeing them as separate.

When I see that person as part of the Spirit that is in all, who is also battling their own ego, who perhaps doesn’t like Themselves, who probably speaks to their own self with negativity and loathing-
I feel sadness and compassion. I see us all as One, battling the same battles, feeling frustrated and scared.

The thing is, it’s not about them. It’s about YOU.

Even if they feel the same way about you (which is really none of your business) all you’re working with and have control over is your feelings about them.

You can’t control them or their actions, you can’t change anything but yourself and your own reaction.

So finally my loves, After you’ve changed the way you feel about them and planned (and actually visualised) future encounters going well, get out of Their business and get back in your own. 
If you find yourself thinking, “They should do this or that” or “If only they would change…” you’re in their business, and you’re ignoring your own.

Your business (aka your life, goals, emotions, thoughts) needs you to run it to be prosperous and successful. The time you spend in someone else’s will only bring your own to ruin.

When you see your most difficult relationships as your best teachers, you are free.

Peace, love and laughter always my friends.......Arc Morpheus