Monday, 20 June 2016

Unbecoming Everything.......

Happy Solstice and Full Moon to you! 

Apparently the Solstice and the Full Moon so closely together for many years and won't again for a long time. 

I wish to share the following words and thoughts, that were shared with me on this first new morning of the summer Solstice. From a beautiful Angel on Earth.

I am not an astrologer so I'm going to pretend I know exactly what it all means but I do know this powerful point (the longest or shortest day depending on where you are in the world) very often shakes us up in a big way! 

The following quote made me stop and pause for quite a while, I even meditated on this..... And the following questions emerged from my sub conscious.

Who are you before someone told you who you were? 
What walls did you build to keep you safe that you are now ready to knock down? 
What are you protecting yourself from? 

Of course, there is no one answer to all of this. You like all of us, are forever evolving but don't ever be afraid to ask yourself questions now - to question what you want and who you are - and to peel the layers of 'stuff' that has suffocated you. 

It isn't comfortable but it is way more uncomfortable to stay stuck. 

And remember, it's not a case of whether you are amazing, powerful and deeply loveable. 

It's that you have simply forgotten that you are. 

Peace, light and love always,