Friday, 24 June 2016

Thyme for Changes...............

I have noticed a lot of posts here today stating, that they are uncertain and in a state of grieving along with many others in the U.K. 

People are still reeling from shock and surprise at the Referendums outcome….. I wasn’t I could feel the waves of energy that started way back, and I was never unsure that the people of this Great Country would turn out to vote.  72% in actual figures, that is the highest turnout I can recall in my merger few decades of knowledge.

Mmmmm, So that gave me food for thought…and as always I would like to share my non-judgemental and peaceful thoughts with you all.  

Many say people voted through fear and followed like sheep, ‘Better safe than sorry’; but really each and every voter out there voted for what THEY thought based on the information THEY were able to gather together to make the best informed decision for THEM.

So, as a democracy we should respect all the voters on both sides and start to work together with renewed interest towards all our futures.

We need to show more willingness to allow the existence of opinions that one may not necessarily agree with.  We must all show more interest, enthusiasm and concern for our government and their future plans.

As I say this is only my personal view, I think we all could do with stepping back today, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Let the dust settle in Westminster and watch the stormy clouds dissipate as we focus our energy of what’s to come.

Change has arrived but it is on a slow a steady steed, let’s see what the coming months hold and put your fears, for today at least to rest…….

Peace Love and Light Always,